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The Texas Jewelers Association (TJA) is a statewide organization of retail jewelers whose purpose is "promoting the general welfare, standing, and prosperity of the jewelry industry in the state of Texas" Since 1906, TJA has served the needs of retail jewelers in Texas by establishing broker priced diamonds, quarterly magazines, legislation committees, annual conferences, regional meetings, monthly breakfast clubs in various cities ... and much more!

If you are an independent jeweler in Texas, we are the best choice for your retail store. Join us today!

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Summer 2012
Texas Jewelers Association is now Independent
An Important Message From the TJA Board of Directors This important information is about our relationship with (JA) Jewelers of America and comes from our entire TJA Board of Directors. As you may know, Jewelers of America (JA), which is based in New York City, has "redefined" the relationship with all state affiliate associations such as Texas. Though the Texas Jewelers Association (TJA) and JA...
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